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Picture this. You’re on a hike with your class when suddenly you come across a nice camera laying on the ground. Looking through the footage you see that you know some of the people on it… They’re in danger, and being chased by something that is unexplainable. Do you help them?

Or what if an old friend says he needs your help. He’s seeing and hearing things. You try your best to help him, but once you start helping you begin to see and hear things just like he did.

You’re in over your head. 

What if you were a film student, and you haven’t heard from your ex-girlfriend, that you still care about, in a while. Suddenly you overhear some stranger say her name, and once you ask they say she’s in danger. What do you do?

Ask yourself. How far would you go to save someone you care abøut? Would you throw away your future?

Would you trade places with them?

Would you be willing to die for them? But what if you were… and came all this way to watch them die…

Life’s not fair. So why should death be any different? 

AnchoredDownFilm presents the psychologic found footage thriller, PARANOIA.