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Welcome to the CreepyPastaFandom Wiki

This page was made due to the fact the original CreepyPasta Wikia decided to take down a fuck load of creepypastas,even some really good ones. So here they are welcomed. Here we welcome all kinds of creepypastas but of course there are guide lines and standards. We welcome spin-offs as long as proper credit is given. Also Please don't post fanfictions that has CPxReader or anything of that nature because it will be quickly taken down and we will have your IP banned. Please try to avoid uploading content that contains a lot of drama,romance and abuse of the Japanese language(weeaboo) on here because that isn't creepy,it's just flat out annoying. Also please use proper grammar in your stories. If there are major grammatical errors it'll be taken down. That is all,happy typing~ <:

Also please stop removing content from this page. Seriously,if you aren't happy about it,get the fuck over it. It's not your job to edit this wiki you brats,it's mine. 

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